The Best Sex Toys for Anal Play

If you are in the mood for some backdoor fun, there are many different toys to choose from. Some are great if you have a partner to play with, while others are fantastic fun for one. Here is a guide to the best sex toys for anal play.

The Quaker Anal Vibe Midnight Madness

The Quaker Anal Vibe -  Midnight Madness 

This gorgeous anal vibe will have you quaking in your boots with pleasure. It features five graduated beads so that you can intensify your pleasure as you or your partner wishes to. The Quaker Anal Vibe will help open your back door or give you hours of playtime, fun, and deep delights. It even features a waterproof seal, perfectly safe to play within the bath.

Cheeky Anal Plug

Cheeky Anal Plug

The Cheeky Anal Plug is a gorgeous pink butt plug will add excitement to your playtime or help you imagine the shape of things to come. You can wear the butt plug all day, and nobody will notice. It is wide enough to stretch you and get you ready for action. However, it is small enough to fit comfortably and will even fit into your handbag or pocket if you prefer to carry it around externally for a later playtime. Each pack comes with two of these cheeky butt plugs, so you can either use them with a partner or use them on their own and save one for next time. In addition, they are available with a year’s warranty as standard, so you don’t need to worry if you wear them out.

Icicles No.90 - With Silicone Suction Cup

Icicles No.90 - With Silicone Suction Cup

The Icicles No. 90 with Silicone Suction Cup is a beautiful butt plug for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Icicles No. 90 is hand-crafted with exceptional attention to detail, and this plug looks as if it was created in a naughty Venetian glass factory. It has been made to last and will leave you wanting more. What's more, it has is designed to last a lifetime. You can warm-up or cool down this butt plug for an added thrill.

Pink Prints Charming Pop Tease 5 Inch Mini Vibe

Pink Prints Charming Pop Tease 5 Inch Mini Vibe

The Pink Prints Charming Pop Tease 5 Inch Mini Vibe is an excellent vibrator for anal play as it is reasonably slim so that it can be inserted with ease. It is pretty and fun to use. It is easy to travel with us. You can slip it into your carry-on or check-in luggage, and it won't take up too much space. Do not forget to remove the batteries before you go through security to avoid embarrassment.

The D Perfect D Vibrating 8

The D Perfect Vibrating 8 cock is an amazing, full-on riding experience if you like your anal play to look and feel as realistic as possible, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous life-like vibrator. It is 8 inches long, so you may need some practice and a lot of lubes to make it fit comfortably - but as the saying goes, no pain, no gain.

Purple Him or Her Vibrating Hollow Fetish Fantasy Series Strap-On

For the perfect woman-to-woman experience or perhaps some role reversal with your man, this is an excellent strap-on to try on for size, not to mention comfort and screaming orgasms. Remote controlled and featuring multi-speed vibrations and hands-free fun, and this fantastic vibrator will let you have fun all night long. It has an elastic harness, so it is comfortable to wear for as long as you can keep up the pace.

Dr. Skin - Double Dildo

The Dr. Skin - Double Dildo is more fun to play with if you have a playmate. This is 9 inches of pleasure you can share and use to experiment with. You can take it in turns to play with the extra-long length, which can be used as an accessible handle for solo delights, or double up and insert both ends at once. The amount of fun you can have with this dildo is endless.

Flexii Beads

Flexii Beads reach the parts of you that other toys can't. It features three deep rumbling motors and 12 modes to give you an intense delight like no other. This toy is designed to follow your body's natural curves, so it will fit into position well and be very comfortable to insert. There are 15 different intensities, so although you may be able to insert it easily, you may never want to take it back out.

These are the best toys around and will be suitable for various bedroom activities. Try as many of them as you like and find your favorite. The choices are endless with these fantastic anal play toys.