Sexual fetishes are an oddly specific form of kink, but thankfully there’s plenty of variety. Some people get off on being dominated or watching others dominate, while others enjoy indulging in something as seemingly benign as underwear or feet. But other fetishes are less apparent, and ovaphilia is undoubtedly one of them. Here’s what you need to know about the fascinating fetish of ovaphilia and how to bring it into your bedroom.

What is Ovaphilia?

First, let’s be clear: ovaphilia is a fetish involving simulating the laying of eggs by a female human. This typically involves inserting an ovipositor (an egg depositing object) (Ovipositor, 2017) into one’s vagina and ejaculating fake alien eggs. A sexual kink such as oviphilia or egg-laying is any unusual sexual activity that may not necessarily come naturally to most people. And although some may judge those who have fetishes as strange or perverted, many sexologists suggest that fetishes are just another way for someone to get off—no matter how strange their reason for doing so might seem.

Ovaphilia is a very real and intriguing sexual kink that just so happens to involve implanting alien eggs up the vagina. So let's get right to it:

What is involved in being an Ovaphile?

Being an ovaphile means you get sexually aroused by implants--squishy, eco-friendly egg implants. There are two kinds of ovaphiles: men and women. Men tend to use strap-on penises (dildos) to simulate implanting eggs into their partners. Women, however, can use eggs to implant eggs in their partners' vaginas or an ovipositor, which is a fancy word for a dildo that looks like a giant phallic with some egg cups on it.

The woman inserts them into her--or partner's vagina one at a time, then takes them out when they're ready to be implanted. The whole process is called oviposition. If done correctly, ovipositioning should not hurt your partner at all; if anything, she should feel very relaxed and possibly even pleasured. Many women who engage in oviphilia find it highly pleasurable to have eggs implanted inside them. They say they feel incredibly full after being implanted with multiple eggs; some even report having orgasms! Remember that we're talking about sexual fetishes here—and every fetish is different from person to person!

How common is this kink?

A lot more common than you think! The egg-laying fetish is a popular one. On online kink communities, thousands of people discuss their fantasies in explicit detail and share pictures and videos. An alien egg kink play, people say, can create an intense sexual experience, leading to pleasurable sexual arousal, orgasm, and even female ejaculation. However, it is imperative to discuss critical health considerations before experimenting with alien egg implantation. 

Ensure you get tested for STIs, including HIV, and if your partner has never been tested for pregnancy or fertility issues. When done correctly and safely, ovaphilia kink can be fun and thrilling! Because different parts of your body may have a higher risk of disease transmission during sexual activity, it's essential to use protection such as condoms on all external genitalia and inside/around/near vaginal orifices.

While some lubricants are designed specifically for sexual intercourse, others may contain harmful chemicals that could cause infections like yeast infections when used internally during sex. Use water-based lubricants instead; they won't contain toxic chemicals but will still provide a slippery sensation during intercourse without harming your vagina or anus. If you're engaging in alien egg kink alone (i.e., no partner present), consider using fake eggs made from silicone, rigid plastic, glass—anything that won't break easily!

Can anybody become an Ovaphile?

It's a very individual thing. For me, it stems from when I was starting to get in touch with my sexuality and questioning whether there was something wrong with me because initially, I didn't fantasize about sexual intercourse, but that's a topic for another post entirely. More research is needed before we can say why exactly people develop fetishes like ovaphilia—and what percentage of people have them—but through research, to expand my understanding, it has to do with our early exposure to sex and sexuality. Who are your role models? Who were your first crushes? Where did you grow up? What cultural messages did you receive about sex as a child or young adult? But I digress.

These things might seem unrelated to sexual fetishism, but they could be vital pieces of information in figuring out how somebody became an ovaphile. No one path leads to developing these kinds of fantasies. The only natural way to know if you could become an ovaphile is to try it out and see if it works. As long as nobody gets hurt (physically or emotionally), then give it a shot!

Does this fetish have any benefits?

Like many fetishes, ovaphilia has nothing to do with what we often see as the norm in sexual behavior. Although not common in humans, oviposition is pretty common among female insects. For example, during mating with a male insect, a female may use her ovipositor to cut into his abdomen and deposit an egg inside his body cavity. This process allows him to take care of her offspring without having them be vulnerable outside of their home territory for very long. Now, human females can't place eggs in other humans' bodies, but some still find it arousing to simulate that kind of action during sexual activity.

If you're interested in exploring your sexual fantasies, it might be worth talking to your partner about trying out something new. You never know until you try!

Could I become an Ovaphile myself?

That said, I should stress that ovaphilia is considered a paraphilic kink by some psychologists (Lerner & Berlin, 2017). If you're unsure what that means, it refers to any sexual activity deemed unusual or odd. Specific activities and fetishes (like oviphilia) exist outside normal sexuality and aren't something most people engage in. If you have a fetish you don't think falls into these categories, you can even visit a psychologist to be tested for your normality--which begs the question, what exactly should be considered normal? But, again, the answers are subjective. Also, ovapholia isn't something most doctors or psychologists would consider odd or unusual.

Having a sexual attraction to an object might seem strange to many people, but it's still perfectly normal. The same goes for ovaphilia. It's another way of expressing sexual desire and pleasure with another person. So it's certainly not something anyone needs to feel ashamed about!

Where can I explore this sexual preference further?

If you're into alien egg implantation, there are some great communities to learn more about. The best place to start is usually Reddit (of course). There are many other places online where people discuss ovaphilia, though, so feel free to explore them! But, of course, make sure whatever sites or forums you find don't promote illegal activity or victimization—which are an absolute no-no.

Especially since no one wants an alien baby stowaway from outer space showing up at our door asking for money!

And that, my friend's, is another story, for another time.

As always, play safe.


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