Don't be surprised if you've heard the term spectrophilia before but don't know its meaning. A spectrophiliac has a fetish that involves ghosts or spirit sex. Many people don't understand how this works, and there isn't much information on the topic of spectrophilia in popular culture or the media, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It might be closer to reality than you think.

So what exactly is Spectrophilia?

Some might think that spectrophilia is a term invented to describe an imaginary or nonexistent sexual attraction to ghosts and spirits (Heaney, 2017). But, while it's not as widely known as some other fetish classifications, such as zoophilia, necrophilia, and exhibitionism, spectrophiliacs exist in large numbers. There are some resources for those seeking sex with ghosts or spirits (see below). Just how many people are sexually attracted to ghosts and spirits? Nobody knows for sure—but there could be anywhere from several hundred thousand to tens of millions of ghost lovers worldwide.

What about spectrophilia fantasies--you might be asking? Or How common are they among people who have them? Again, nobody knows—but there seems to be enough interest to suggest that they're far more common than you might expect. So what exactly is spectrophilia? It's simply a fetish classification describing someone sexually attracted to ghosts or spirits (Heaney, 2017). A person with this type of sexual attraction fantasizes about having sex with dead humans (necrophiles) or non-human entities (e.g., angels). They may also imagine themselves being watched by invisible presences while having sex (voyeurism), being touched by invisible hands (tactile), having sex with corpses (necrosadism), etc.

Why are there sexual elementalities associated with ghosts and spirits?

There are several reasons why an individual might be sexually attracted to ghosts and spirits:

  1. A natural curiosity happens when we see something unfamiliar or different.
  2. Some people may imagine they can understand or connect with ghosts in ways others cannot. Sexual energy is often associated with being in touch with ourselves, explaining why ghost sex fantasies are prevalent in mainstream culture (Heaney, 2017).
  3. There may be an additional psychological component to ghost sex fetishes since many individuals who identify as spectrophiliacs were sexually abused as children (Perkins & Allen, 2006).

While it's not universally true that people who have been victims of sexual abuse experience trauma related to spectrophilia, some do (Perkins & Allen, 2006), and sexualized interactions with ghosts could act as a coping mechanism for some individuals (Berkowski & MacDonald, 2014). 

Are there any benefits to being a Spectrophiliac?

As with any fetish, you're probably wondering if there are any benefits to being a spectrophiliac. Unfortunately, there aren't any proven thus far; however, it can be argued that spectrophilia does create a community. Although these people have an interest outside of societal norms and, in some cases considered highly taboo, they all still have one thing in common: a love for ghostly encounters. While it is impossible to honestly know someone's sexual preferences unless you are them (and even then, you might not know), we do believe that there must be something about spectrophilia, as it has existed for quite some time in different societies around the world and has yet to disappear (Hufford, 2010).

So what exactly is it about ghosts that make spectrophiliacs so attracted to them? Are they simply looking for a new way to spice up their sex lives, or do they have an innate desire to connect with spirits from beyond? Unfortunately, these questions remain unanswered, but hopefully, by gaining more insight into what drives these individuals, we will discover whether or not there are any benefits to being a spectrophiliac.

How would one have sex with a Spirit?

I'm going, to be honest: having sex with a spirit seems like an impossible task. While ghost sex doesn't come up often in day-to-day conversation, many people still wonder how someone would go about it--herein lies the challenge. So, how would one have sex with a spirit? Unfortunately, the answer isn't as simple as I'd like it to be, and there's no one right way to do so. However, here are some general hypothetical guidelines that you can use when trying to have ghostly or spiritual intercourse, just in case.

First of all, it is essential to note that not all ghosts are sexually active beings; most aren't! If you're looking for sexual activity from your ghostly partner(s), make sure they're willing participants before moving forward. In addition to consenting partners, some folks find vibrators useful during their spectral sexual escapades. As long as you're using them safely (and by any ghosts' wishes), these tools can add extra stimulation during your intimate encounters. Finally, if you want to engage in group activities with multiple spirits at once (or even just two at once!), remember that communication is vital!

How can one act on their fantasies with a Spirit or Ghost partner?

It can be tricky, but don't worry—it's possible. If you're in a committed relationship, it's best to discuss your interest with your partner and see what they think about trying something new, like role-playing with spirits or ghosts. You could also meet other spectrophiliacs who will help you fantasize about paranormal encounters. Spectrophilia fetish groups often congregate online and encourage members to meet up in real life for activities that include sharing stories and engaging in mutual masturbation sessions.

Whatever you choose to do when exploring your spectrophilia fetish, remember to make sure all partners are interested in participating on an equal level before doing anything together. There's nothing worse than being pressured into sexual activity with someone you aren't comfortable with.

Can anyone learn to see Ghosts or Hauntings sexually?

As much as we all have sexual desires, not everyone is capable of seeing spectrophilia as a fetish. It's possible to learn how to see ghosts or hauntings sexually, but many factors make it difficult for people to do so. So the question is, Why aren't you able to see ghosts or hauntings sexually? There is no honest answer since it isn't known why some people can and others can't. We understand that each person has their limits and boundaries regarding sexuality and what they find attractive, which could be why only some people with spectrophilia can see it in such a light.

Finding enough resources available online is the challenge if you're interested in learning more about your sexual attraction towards ghosts or spirits. You can also ask someone who has spectrophilia (someone who can admit to being a spectrophiliac) what their experiences were like before developing their fetish because those who've had a ghostly affair may have found out what works best for them during sex with a ghost or spirit. Perhaps, they will tell you that your attraction to them is just like any other physical attraction you would feel towards another human being, except it's just different because they're dead.

Remember, even if you want to pursue spectrophilia as a fetish, try not to rush into anything too quickly and always be safe about your actions!

Play safe, my friends.


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