People who have a tentacle fetish tend to fantasize about tentacles or consume literature, images, or videos that depict tentacle sex. There are many reasons why someone might be interested in tentacles and how they're used during sex, but myths surround them. Let's look at some of these myths and get to know what goes on when someone has a tentacle fetish.

What tentacle kink?

Tentacle fetish, also known as tentacle kink, is one of the more popular fetish categories among hentai enthusiasts. It's a sexual interest in tentacles and creatures that have them. People with a tentacle fetish tend to fantasize about tentacles or consume literature, images, or videos that depict tentacle sex. These media types are collectively known as tentacle porn (Goldstein, 2012). The name tentacle comes from Japanese erotic art that often depicts octopus-like creatures having sex with women (or men). In Japan, these creatures are called tentacles because they resemble tentacles—long appendages that can wrap around objects or people and intimately control them (if you've ever been hugged by someone who was really into it, you'd know what I mean).

Regardless of how we refer to it, tentacle porn is a big part of the anime culture. However, some of the anime fans I spoke to say that tentacles aren't necessarily their main attraction; instead, they enjoy how tentacles enhance other aspects of their favorite shows. So just imagine your favorite, hot anime character, and being wrapped up in tentacles may be what you need to get off.

The Psychology behind our love for tentacles

While many sexual fetishes have to do with physical arousal (think: leather, panties, spanking), being turned on by tentacles has less to do with how it looks and more to do with how it feels. There's no evidence that tentacles are inherently sexy; instead, people into them tend to focus on their texture and sensation rather than their appearance. They may also be drawn to tentacles because they evoke an element of danger or control—it's easy to imagine tentacles squeezing you tight or wrapping around your body in an uncomfortably restrictive way. But as long as you're not hurting anyone else or yourself, then having a tentacle fetish isn't something you need to feel ashamed about!

After all, if someone out there doesn't think tentacles are hot enough for porn, I don't know what is.

How to incorporate it into sex

Incorporating it into sex can be as simple as grabbing some battery-operated tentacle toys or getting a partner to tie you up with ropes and draping them over your body for those who have a fetish for tentacles. However, if you're looking for something a little more dramatic, consider transforming your partner into one of their favorite tentacled creatures—perhaps by dressing them in an octopus costume or using makeup to draw on some sea creature-inspired features.

Finally, those who want to try out bondage can incorporate tentacles by tying someone up and hanging them from hooks or rings attached to chains dangling from beams, walls, or ceilings. Other bondage techniques—being handcuffed together—can also be enhanced by throwing tentacles into the mix.

You could even get creative and set up a system where tentacles come alive at night when everyone's asleep, snaking around your house and doing naughty things to unsuspecting victims. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to tentacle play! And if you ever need help figuring out how to bring tentacles into your bedroom (or dungeon), ask! I'd love to hear about what turns you on, no matter how strange or taboo it might seem.

Staying safe when acting out your fantasies

If you're new to tentacle kink, it's probably a good idea to start with fantasies involving tentacles touching or tickling people. Many online resources suggest incorporating a safe word, like red or banana, into your fantasy so that your partner knows if they need to slow down. Establishing clear boundaries and consent early on will ensure that your roleplay fantasies stay fun for everyone involved. Then, with just a little bit of research and communication, you can bring your wildest dreams to life in ways you never thought possible!

How can I satisfy my tentacle kink within existing relationships?

Tentacle porn does have a feature in mainstream adult entertainment, and it can be challenging to find a partner with an interest in tentacles. But that doesn't mean you can't satisfy your desires. There are plenty of ways to explore your tentacle fetish without going it alone. For example, you could explore fantasy videos--they're out there--perhaps there are tentacle Cosplayers out there and maybe a great avenue to explore. You can also try incorporating tentacles into foreplay: Start by stroking your partner's skin with your fingers while whispering things like I wish I had more hands or I wish I had more arms. 

Keep up with gentle touches as you describe what you'd do if your partner were multi-limbed. This type of roleplaying might feel silly at first, but don't worry about taking it too far. The key here is to focus on how much fun both partners will have together as they share their fantasies and experiment with new ones!

It's all about broadening your horizons when it comes to roleplaying! Feel free to explore!

Play safe, my friends.


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