Fetish, bondage, and kink are all forms of deviant sexual behavior in which practitioners enjoy indulging for pleasure or sexual satisfaction. One of the more extreme and unusual types of fetish and kink practice is mummification. In this form of BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism), the person being bound is wrapped from head to toe in layers of cling wrap or similar material to be completely immobilized and left bound in a state of effective sensory deprivation while his partner takes full advantage of his helpless state (Aggrawal, 2009).

The Unusual Fetish of Mummification

A mummification fetish is an odd kink to have. And that’s saying something because most fetishes are pretty bizarre when you step back and look at them objectively. An example, a rubber fetish involves finding sexual arousal in objects—like old tires and latex—that would be entirely unappealing to most people. But people who have a mummification fetish aren’t just aroused by wrapping their partner up like a mummy; they may also enjoy being wrapped up themselves and experiencing total sensory deprivation while bound in bandages or cloth. That puts it more in line with other common fetishes, like bondage or BDSM. It still seems strange, though--why would someone get off on not being able to move around?

What are the risks associated with sensory deprivation and BDSM Mummification?

Many risks are associated with BDSM mummification, including lack of blood flow, loss of sensation, fainting, and suffocation. As mentioned before, mummification can also be extremely dangerous when combined with electrical play. If you're going to try out any bondage or mummification in your sex life, make sure you have a trusted spotter and that both parties are well aware of each other's limits and safewords. And always remember: if things go wrong during your kinky activity, it is always better to cut ties early than run too far into danger.  

When safety precautions are taken correctly, however, BDSM mummification can be an exciting way to experiment with sensory deprivation for a short period. It's also a great way to spice up traditional vanilla sex and increase intimacy between partners by slowing down orgasm for one partner while heightening sensation for another. Just don't forget about breath play! Talk about how much air you want to allow your partner as he slowly becomes wrapped up like an Egyptian mummy!

What Are Some Other Bondage Techniques That People With A BDSM Mummification Kink Like To Use?

There are several other bondage techniques that people with a BDSM mummification kink like to use. Among them include kneeling, sitting, and standing bondage positions. They also enjoy having their arms bound up behind their back (wrists together), then being suspended upside down by ropes attached to cuffs around their ankles or knees. Bondage in which one is left both blindfolded and gagged with a ball gag (completely blocking off all lines of communication) can heighten one's experience during BDSM mummification play because there's no way to let your partner know if you're struggling or uncomfortable without communicating in code through your gag!

Another technique involves wrapping someone in plastic wrap before binding them tightly with rope (Aggrawal, 2009). This creates an exciting juxtaposition between feeling completely encased and yet simultaneously exposed as if any part of your body could be touched at any time. It can be fun to experiment with different types of rope for other sensations; hemp rope is softer than nylon rope but not as durable; a cotton rope is soft but may stretch out over time; silk rope has a nice weight to it but isn't very strong either. And don't forget about scarves—they make excellent makeshift bindings that can easily be removed when you're done playing. Finally, I'm sure some readers have their favorite toys they'd like to share—feel free to experiment with those too!

Can I Be Bound By A Professional Without Having To Take Off All My Clothes?

Several professionals provide professional mummification services in your area. I would love to recommend a few; however, these are indeed decisions you would need to make on your own. They have been able to help people who are into mummification fetish or mummification kink live out their fantasies through various means – wrapping someone up with duct tape, cellophane, or even plastic wrap – so that they can fully be mummy-fied (Aggrawal, 2009). Of course, you don't have to disrobe when being professionally bound; it's ultimately your choice! However, you should remember that it may be hard for others to differentiate between play and life if you remain partially clothed.

How can I practice mummification on myself at home?

If you are interested in learning more about mummification but don't want to bring someone else into your bedroom and don't want to take any risks with bondage gear (medical tape, for instance), then there are a few things you do can do on your own. One option is self-mummification. It would help if you wrapped yourself in plastic wrap as tightly as possible, starting at your feet and working up (Christian, 2020). However, remember that medical-grade plastic wrap can be pretty expensive, so another option is using any other type of tape (duct tape or packing tape works well) that has a good amount of giving (2017). 

Once you have wrapped yourself completely, make sure you leave an opening in your mouth so that you can breathe. The whole process may seem scary, but if done right, it will keep all of your body parts safe while allowing you to experience total sensory deprivation. While self-mummification isn't something most people would ever consider doing, if done safely, it is not only fun but also very sexy! After being released from your wrappings, it might even lead to some great sex! 

Remember, when you try anything new like self-mummification, practice makes perfect. So start slow and work your way up to tighter wraps until you feel comfortable with how it feels if you are still uncomfortable with how tight a wrap you can handle, experiment by adding different amounts of lubricant between your skin and whatever wrapping material you choose. If it gets too tight during playtime, remove whatever wrapping material is making contact with your skin first before removing the rest of your mummy outfit. Always remember, safety first.

As always, play safe, my friends.


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