Aromatic Massage Oil 8 Fl Oz

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Kama Sutra's Aromatic Massage Oils is made with essential oils to promote deep relaxation. This rich, emollient formula makes it a pleasure to give or receive a sensuous full-body massage. Pour Kama Sutra's Aromatic Massage Oils into the bath, or smooth onto the body as a daily moisturizer for silky, hydrated skin. 

  • Soothing body massage oil (236 mL)
  • Drizzle your favorite scented massage oil onto your hands or directly onto your lover's body.
  • Gently caress the body and enjoy the aromatherapeutic scent and the silky texture.

Serenity is a calming blend created to ease stress and release tension; it's made with the essences of marjoram, geranium, and lavender.