B Yours Double Pop Eggs

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the more you know...

Based on our bestselling classic, The Silver Power Bullet we have now doubled the fun with the Double Pop Eggs. With 2 eggs you can enjoy sweet sensations in 2 erogenous zones. Or you can use it together with your partner. Imagine the possibilities! The multispeed adjustable vibrations are conveniently controlled by a twist of the dial. It's so easy to use and so much fun. Just rinse with soap and warm water under your faucet.

  • The 2 eggs are water-resistant so it is easy to clean.
  • Just rinse with soap and warm water under your faucet (the controller is NOT water resistant), just wipe the controller with a wet cloth.
  • Made from nonporous ABS plastic these eggs will not harbor bacteria as long as you keep them clean.
  • Requires 2 AA batteries. Sold separately.