Silicone Bit Gag With Nipple Clamps

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the more you know...

Ideal for training your pony, submissive, or slave, this combination of a bit gag and nipple clamps ensures that your plaything stays quiet, even as you deliver painful pleasure to their delicate nips!

  • Stuff the premium silicone bit into their mouth and secure it with the soft, adjustable, red-stitched straps.
  • The intensity of this devious device is taken up a notch with the addition of two connector chains on the metal rings that hold the gag.
  • Each ends in an alligator nipple clamp, which allows you to adjust the pressure with thumbscrews.
  • Vinyl-coated tips make for a comfortable and secure grip. Enjoy every muffled moan and stifled gasp as you tease and torment your pet!