Weekend in Bed 2 - Tie Me Up

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the more you know...

The Weekend in Bed II Game Kit, Tie Me Up Edition, is designed to take your love-making to more extreme places. Try a little light bondage, or heighten the excitement with featured nipple clamps. This game kit includes six accessories to use and three card decks:

  • Before Play Cards: suggest deeds to act out and help you find new ways to explore your lover using your new toys and techniques.
  • Bondage Cards, and
  • Bondage Play Cards: will give you directions on using the ties, tape, nipple clamps, and candle.
  • Plus a convenient Travel Bag!

Use the satin ties to restrain your partner in a multitude of positions. The self-stick tape can be used for binding, winding around the body to constrict movement, or even made into a sexy latex bra, panty, skirt, or dress.

With this sexy game kit, sensual adventures await you! Are you feeling adventurous?